The freshest coffee you can get delivered to your door!

Our immediate goal is to provide coffee enthusiasts in Bakersfield with freshly roasted specialty coffee every week, then grow to other cities and states. Be one of the first to join our community and help shape the subscription offering to your liking!

Coffee at the peak of freshness

A different roast or origin each week

Free delivery - right to your door


Fresh Roasted Specialty Coffee Delivered Weekly, Not Monthly

You're buying stale coffee! If you buy coffee from a big box store, you're getting an inferior product that has already gassed off and is stale. Due to how coffee is shipped and distributed, there's no way around this.

Coffee is only fresh for about 14 days after roasting. So if you buy coffee once a month, you're drinking stale coffee for at least 2 weeks... or longer if you bought it from the big box store.

Tired of drinking the same old boring coffee? Break out of the rut, take your tastebuds on an adventure and experience coffee from different regions all around the world.

Say goodbye to that boring, bland, stale coffee and hello to the full flavor of fresh coffee. At ROTW, we deliver fresh whole bean coffee from rotating origins, right to your door... every week!

ROTW club members get:

12 oz. bag of FRESH whole bean coffee every week

Delivered 3-5 days after roasting, for freshness

Each bag comes with a freshness date

Unmatched flavor


Say Goodbye To Boring, Bland, Stale Coffee

Experience Different Origins And Roasts

No more getting stuck with a huge bag of the same old boring coffee that goes stale half way through the month. Take your pallet on an exotic journey to a new location each week and learn what makes each roast unique.

As a ROTW club member you can:

Experience the fullness of a world of variety

Taste the variance of each degree of roasting

Learn what flavors are attributed to specific origins with the included tasting notes

Find the perfect coffee for your pallet


Become a Founding Member

As a Founding Member, we'll rely on your feedback to determine how we grow and what additional options we offer as a part of your ongoing subscription.

As a way of saying "thank you" for your feedback, we're giving the first 48 Founding Members a ROTW branded MiiR Coffee Canister (a $29.95 value).


How It Works

  • 1
    Fresh green coffee beans roasted to perfection
  • 2
    Bagged & marked with a freshness date
  • 3
    Let rest 3-5 days to oxidize for flavor development
  • 4
    Hand-delivered to your doorstep
  • 5
    Brew and enjoy

Not in Bakersfield?

Currently, due to California state restrictions, we're only able to service the greater Bakersfield, California area.

But, good news! We have big plans for the future and would love to expand soon.

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